warrior heart

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only the strong can stand tall on uneven ground and hold space for others to rise up. the warriors of the community are the heroes of whom we have come to depend on.

the responsibility of each heart to be strongly connected to their purposeful presence is the starting point.

a mind interrupted, a story unplanned. where does mapping territory end and new discoveries begin?

she calls home with a shell and waits for birds to soar. all these years of growing have sent her long messages of yes and no and right and wrong. when her time to just feel alive (which cannot be measured or qualified) is taking new form. unaware of the eagle who looses feathers as an act of giving, she sails east and the sun is with her.

from a distant island she hears horses singing and all her fingers feel tingled. pine cones and sea salt, swords falling and ash. Oren is with them now, she knows and this creative colouring of maps of timelessness and representation of her journey have somehow taken precedent. the rain could bleed all colours together and mix her tears with the ocean. this time has not changed it is her who has changed.  when all this while each eyelash has been protecting her vision from the collection of grime, her heart has been holding on. onto a dream. onto a hope. onto the only thing that she thought she knew.

now we rise. now we dance. now we hear the stars exchange.

we are in a point of realization that can break old habits and allow us to stand face to face and say what we really to say, and listen to what may be difficult to hear. in honour of ourselves and each other, we must become warriors of the heart. warriors of the sun. to uphold a life of growth and co-creation we must learn to be peaceful in disagreement and compassionate in misunderstanding.

how can i allow you the presence of peace work we seek within, between and surrounding?

this is the true plan. the true giving. only can this be done through patience and practice.

please understand or hear me.

it is a deeply personal choice, a surrender to the deep calling to live a life of highest value, of meaningful, purposeful action. starting within the individual and spreading into a supportive community.

we do this self work with the reflection of community. there will be interruptions – we must find forgiveness, there will be failures – we must find acceptance, there will be violence – we must find compassion. this is not a destination but a journey of grace we are seeking to enliven with breath, with awareness, with choice. we have this ability, the intelligence of the heart which can guide the mind and the body the live more consciously. with integrity, commitment, strength and an ever expanding sense of support, connection and life.

soar high eagle, leave feathers behind to mark the path. we are with you. you are headed in the right direction. trust.


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