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It is with a brave heart that I announce my plan to open a new studio space in the South West of Montréal this fall. A centre for co-creation, yoga, movement, breath, sound, healing and community. Mark your calendars we open in October. Looking forward to sharing. More details coming soon.


Give yourself the gift of retreat this winter and get away with the intention to revitalize your body, mind and heart on a week-long yoga and freedom retreat. Men's Yoga Retreat: Feb 18- March 7th, 2015.




Andrew is a certified Yoga Instructor, Voice teacher and Performing Artist who has been teaching and facilitating since 2008. Well known for his playful, warm and engaging approach to mindful yoga practice that integrates restorative-based practices and elements of yoga therapeutics. His classes are delivered with timely pacing, attention to detail, and an artful blend of movement and stillness that ground students in breath and body. It is with this approach that Andrew is able to bring his students a sense of depth, care and well-being. As an artist his practice is rooted in improvisation, free movement, repetition and intelligent use of technology to enhance the wonder of the human body. Andrew is recognized in performance for his presence, control and freedom in his body and voice which captivates audiences. A part of several performance collectives, and co-founder of ÔHOHM a living sound experiment  centred around improvisation and  deep listening, he is constantly reawakening within his practices and discovering how they intertwine and inform each other. Andrew is grateful to be supported in co-creating living human experiences that enhance connection, awareness and presence.